Things are kind of in a transitional period.

My life, my website, y'know, things.


Win A 128GB iPad Air 2, Because I Love You.

I just feel like I’ve been such a naughty blogger lately. Sometimes I look through my own archives (don’t judge me, you’ve done it too) and I’m like: OH! I used to blog! I like this blog! I wonder what ever happened to it! But sometimes life feels hard and stuff, you know? These days for the first time in like, my entire… Read more →


Three Zoo Trips Makes A Monkey

I don’t remember if I was taught much about money as a kid. I do know that my own kid wants a toy (AND WANTS IT NOW) at every given turn and it seems to me that if she’s old enough to want absurd excess then she’s old enough to understand that absurd excess comes at a cost. And the… Read more →



My lady’s been getting real good at taking selfies lately. She takes pictures of other things too, but the pictures she takes of herself are my favorite. She turned five last week and she threw all of her toddler caution to the wind, welcoming a big kid confidence that I barely recognize. At one point while we were celebrating her birthday… Read more →


This is Halloween.

It’s super weird how fast time is going. Too fast. Five years is hardly any time at all in adult world, but in kid world, it’s a whole life time ago. I dunno. Everyone is seeming really grown up these days. (I mean, look at that picture? That tinkerbell costume is now on one of Dee’s stuffed animals and the… Read more →


Britney Spears is my spirit animal.

It feels like I haven’t stopped moving since the summer began, and I keep waiting for things to calm down so I can get my shit together but it would appear someone drained the fluid from the brakes of my life because HEY, JANE, GET ME OFFA THIS CRAZY THING.  In the past week I’ve been the New York, Disneyland, Palm Springs, and… Read more →