The Stahl House


Isn’t it incredible that one of the most famous (and coolest) houses in LA, The Stahl House (aka Case Study 22), was commissioned and built for only about eleven thousand bucks?   Of course that was back in 1960, when you could get an architect like Pierre Koenig to build you a glass house on a slab of rock that would have otherwise been labeled as “unbuildable.”   Above are two of Julius Shulman’s iconic photographs of the house upon completion, and below is a picture of the house today, still owned and occupied by the Stahl family.

If you’ve always wanted a glass house of your very own – check out the IT House, a not-too-unreasonably-priced glass and vinyl prefab from Taalman Koch that is pretty darn snazzy.

If you want to learn more about this stunning house, you can join their facebook group, or sign up for a tour at


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