If you live in or around The [ACTUAL] 818, you should check out the LA Kids Consignment Sale going on this coming weekend.    Sara first told me about the Fall sale (when I was about ten million weeks pregnant) and I definitely scored [in addition to other goodies, I snagged the bassinet stand Dee used for the first four months of her life for 15 bucks!]

I actually didn’t realize it was a bi-yearly thing, until one lucky afternoon at Target a few weeks ago when a kindly stranger noticed us browsing the baby-play-apparatus aisle and stopped us to tell us we should wait until the spring sale where we could get it for a quarter of the price.    (She also tipped me off to the fact that if you volunteered, you got access to the pre-sale for first pick of the goods.    Which I obviously am doing.   And it’s not too late for you to do it too!   Woot woot!)

[And in the interest of full disclosure, while you’re probably thinking this is just me whoring out for a Sale Pass (and it is, oh trust me, it is) the road to pre-sale passes was paved with good intentions, I was already signed up to volunteer [thanks to the kindly stranger in Target] when I spoke with (sale founder) Kristen about helping to spread the word.]

Kristen started the sale 6 years ago as a new mom, when she set out to find an exersaucer for her son that wouldn’t cost her a Benjamen (that’s slang for $100, yo.)   Garage sale-ing proved challenging with a newborn, so she held the original sale in her driveway with 30 of her friends (like a giant swap of sorts) and it’s “grown like hotcakes ever since!” Hotcakes, it seems, is an understatement.   The fall sale filled an airplane hanger.

Here’s the info for this coming weekend:

Spring 2010
March 18 – pre-sale for consignors, volunteers & VIP pre-sale ticket purchasers
March 19 – 9am-5pm
March 20 – 9am-5pm
March 21 – 9am-2pm 50% off many items

And if you can’t make it to the LA Sale, there’s a Santa Clarita Sale coming up in April.

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