Who doesn't love free stuff?!

Fantastic Mr. Fox comes out on DVD today, and I have THREE copies to give away to you!   THREE!   Woot!

I’ve always been a Wes Anderson fan on the whole, so I had high hopes that Fantastic Mr. Fox would be a movie I could share with Dee as she grows.  It did not disappoint.  This movie has all the quirk, corduroy, and peppy anthems I’ve come to expect from one of my favorite directors, only this time it’s wrapped up in a kid-friendly adaptation of Roald Dahl’s delightful tale about a Fox with rare flair who sets about to steal chickens (and cider, and apples, and all kinds of good stuff) from three [evil] farmers in order to feed his growing family.  To call the movie charming wouldn’t do it justice.  It’s downright bewitching.

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