Dee’s Nursery: Part Deux

Oh, hi.   We totally weren’t expecting you.   Come on in.

You’ve come at a great time.   If you direct your eyes to the bottom right hand corner of the frame, you can see one of the natives making an offering to the beast that lives in her closet.    The beast requires {the organic version of} Cheese Nips, and the natives are always happy to oblige.

Let’s start from the beginning though, shall we?

Upon entering the habitat, if you look to your left you’ll find one of my favorite bits…a shadow box/collage of keepsakes from our wedding, made by the ever-creative and talented Auntie Maegan.    Immediately below it is Dee’s chalkboard from Wall Candy Arts which I snagged on Gilt Groupe.

I knew if we had a girl I would hang a Valley Girl poster in her nursery, so when we found out Dee was a she this print was the first bit of inspiration for the Jerome Russell color scheme.

{That’s the Malm dresser that Scott hacked into a changing table by building a changer top, staining it to match the Crib, and adding an accent bit at the bottom there.}  Pay no mind to the the tiny fingerprints on the mirror…the natives like to put their sticky hands all over it, and rub their spitty faces on it in between diaper changes.

{Clockwise from top left: The Wee Gallery Flash Cards which I had originally purchased to hang on her wall come in handy to distract my wiggly little monster during changes.    The “How To Be a Jewish Mother” book was a thift-store find courtesy of Scott’s best buddy Tom, the Momji Poppet Message Doll was a channukah gift from Auntie Marissa, and her JellyCat (which is actually a dog) watches over her diaper stash.   Thanks to Ellen, all of Dee’s hygiene products are uniformly scented – the lovely Mrs. Meyer’s Baby Blossom, which I’ll never switch from because it smells so sweet and will forever remind me of Dee’s babyhood.   That bunny is actually the hare Brush & Comb Set from Skip Hop, which has a mirror on the bottom and is adorable.  And Auntie Maegan gave Dee that beautiful hand made Cate and Levi sock rabbit for Easter…each one is unique and made to order from reclaimed wool, as are their incredible hand puppets.}

Our house was built in the 60’s, and as a result there are a lot of obsolete built-ins.   Like this one for a prehistoric TV, which we had no idea what to do with.    For a while the 3 Sprout Elephant Bin lived in there, until we spotted the Plan Toys Contemporary Doll House on clearance at The Mini Social and our jokes about turning the cubby into a diorama stopped being jokes {and started getting real…complete with an astroturf lawn.}   I’m still debating on painting the inside of the cubby blue with clouds, but I think that might be overkill.   When she gets big enough to play with the house, we’ll bring it down and put the Elephant Toy Bin back up there…it did fit perfectly.

And look!   I finally took a passable photo of the IGE Birds of a Feather mobile!   (And that beautiful clock is actually hand painted on a record by Kailey Hawthorn, which Emma bought for Dee after I gushed over it HERE.   Miss you Em!)

Okay, that’s it!   Thanks for stopping by!   Don’t let the door {with pink monkey door hangers from HERE} hit you on your butt on your way out!

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