The Best Invention Ever.

Okay, I’m what I’m talking about is this thing {because I know you can’t really see it in that blurry iPhone picture, but I liked it so I used it anyway}:

It’s the Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon or as we call it in our house…as of this morning when we started using it…The Boon Spoon.

My beloved Emma (who’s video just won Best Rock Video at the VMA’s, by the way, and I couldn’t be prouder) gave this to us as a shower gift back before Dee was born (along with some other swanky Boon food tools) and I was all psyched, but then six or so months later when my girl was finally ready for solids, we discovered that since we were making all of her food, it was too chunky for the Boon Spoon, and so back in the cupboard it went.

But then this morning I was feeding Dee her yo-baby (yogurt for babies) when I noticed it sticking up from behind some cups and stuff.   I grabbed it, I poured the yogurt in, and {after finding it quite a bit tidier than the regular spoon I had just been using which was getting yogurt EVERYWHERE} Voila!   Baby Go-Gurt!  [Dee grabbed it, and to my surprise, was able to feed herself with this funky little contraption.  In my defense, that was not my original intention.]

Disclaimer: Do not let my poor parenting choices speak for the manufacturer of this product.   I’m not affiliated with them in any way,  I bought this spoon (well, Emma and Mike did) and I’m pretty sure that Boon doesn’t condone letting your kid self-feed with this thing.   But it works for us {supervised, obviously} so I’m probably going to keep doing it.

And the other best invention ever?   Hipstamatic, man.   I love it!

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