How Big is Delilah?

Hi.   I’m Delilah Georgie.   Tomorrow, I will be one year old.   You know how you can tell?

Because of my super fancy big-girl gladiator sandals. Seriously. Check these bad girls out:

{And don’t they make my legs look shapely?   And isn’t it awesome how my parents gave me the WHOLE ENTIRE LIVING ROOM for my playroom?   Who needs grown up space?}

And know what else?

I have a dog named Maddie, and we are super tight.   She’s a German Shepherd.

I have another dog too, named Sophie, but she mostly just mopes in the corner while Maddie and I hang out, be awesome, and share snacks.

And you know what else?

I have a boyfriend.   This is him.   His name is TT, and it is going to be his first birthday tomorrow too.   Our Mamas were pregnant together and last year at this time, they were both in LABOR!   {Can I get a wut wut for being born?!}   Also, I hate shirts.

And also?

I’m on a boat.

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