Purgeday Thursday:
Dirty Little Secrets

Thanks to my Olay/Spa Finder giveaway, some of you guys have been sharing some pretty hilariously disgusting beauty secrets. Although some really good ones. {I learned something to do with nipple cream that I definitely never thought of before.}

So between belly laughs I thought that I’d give you a break from yet another week of office progress photos as I purge the beast of black mesh organization supplies from my home and share my dirtiest secret of all…one that I’ll begin to tackle with a special guest expert starting this weekend…although I think you’ll agree that it’s going to be a fucking process ~

Don’t judge me, okay?   I swear the rest of my house does not look like this.   I just have a hard time getting rid of clothes, okay?

Here we go.  I give you…MY CLOSET.

I’m not even going to make excuses.  But I will say that there are two more bins filled with my clothes in our storage downstairs, and that the pile you see on the left is my CLEAN laundry which WILL NOT FIT IN MY DRESSER.   And it’s worth mentioning that this is AFTER completing step one, which was my Mom’s brilliant idea of switching my old wood hangers for these (well, a similar) slimline version, which seriously cut the girth of my wardrobe in half.   And it’s also worth noting that this is ONLY my closet.  Scott has his own closet. Except that mess right in the middle is the elusive LAUNDRY MONSTER, and that does belong to both of us.

Okay, that’s mine.   What’s your dirtiest home secret? And are you purging?

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