Somebody Stop Me Before I Hurt Myself.

You guys already know how I feel about Tempaper’s Printed Designs, ala, my Entry Wall

{…and coming soon my master bathroom}

But holycow this new stuff they have called Tempaper By You is super awesome-looking.   Especially if your kids are….artistic.

I mean, right?  AWESOME.  Holy balls I am obsessed with Tempaper.

*   *   *

Oh, and also, for good measure…see if you can spot me rapping into camera in this video from MamaPop’s Sparklecorn Partay at BlogHer…video courtesy of my homie Ryan of Pacing the Panic Room.

3 Responses to Somebody Stop Me Before I Hurt Myself.

  1. kathleenroseboro says:

    I can’t. even. stand. it. I need that. I need that in my life, like right now.

    P.S. you’re pretty badass in that video!

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