Splatterpaint Popcorn DIY [With Video!]

I learn something new every time I attempt to commit myself to video.  This time I learned that it is straight silly to attempt to video blog while you’re sick, in front of a plate glass window in glaring sunshine, while trying not to wake up your sleeping family.  I also learned that once I edit something, it doesn’t matter how bad it sucks, I will post it to the internet because DAMMIT that is perfectly good time spent right there.  And another note to self?  Next time clear the conference fall out off of the dining room table BEFORE memorexing for all to see.

{Another note to self: Next time use more food coloring. This time I was afraid too much red would look like it belonged at a Dexter theme party.}

Oh, and I also learned not to say the day of the week I’m shooting on when talking to camera, because I probably won’t get around to posting it that day, if my current track record is any indication.

But we’re in luck!  If I’ve done this right, you guys will get to learn something new too! How to make splatter paint popcorn!  (I just named it that – fun, right?!)  So…Enjoy!

Here’s that link I promised to popping popcorn in a paper bag.  Just add food coloring before you nuke it, and Voila!

(Also, following the advice of my new friends Brooke and Summer I added music and wore glasses.  Okay, they didn’t actually SAY you’re supposed to wear glasses, but it looks so cool when they do it, I thought I’d give it a try…)

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