You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Potty.

So, uh…Potty training sucks, huh? I was sitting here recently panicking about why my child wasn’t miraculously out of diapers when I realized…maybe just purchasing a training potty wasn’t enough? Dammit. So I got to work.

Luckily, in the wake of Christmas, learning that pretty much everyone I spoke to bribed their children with chocolate to get them to use the potty gave me a stroke of…functional thought. So she’d ask for a marshmallow, and I’d tell her she could have one if she used the loo. …Only she’s two. So she doesn’t totally get the concept of “before” and “after” potty-ing. Or if she does, than she’s very manipulative, and I’m terrified for the teenage years. Either way – what started as bribery has now turned on to a constant chorus of “Mommy, I want a Marshmallow” while she sits on the toilet attempting to wiz. And it kind of steals the thunder of the reward for success when I’ve got her popping mini marshmallows just to keep her there.

On the upside, she is totally asking to use the potty, and successfully doing so. On the downside, she is seriously sugar-addled and it can’t be okay to let a toddler eat this much crap. So…I’ve come up with some ideas for healthier potty-treats until I can get a handle on my child. {I was calling them Potty Cookies but Scott made me stop because he says “she’s going to repeat that and it’s going to come out wrong.” Which, touche.}

Okay, so Idea #1, Mini Snickerdoodles. Pro: Easy to make, and delicious.

Con: Still a sugar cookie, even if I make ’em with whole wheat flower to make myself feel better.

So then I thought about a modified (read: no Splenda) South Beach Peanut Butter cookie.  Con – has the same amount of sugar as the snickerdoodle, but way more protein, what with all the peanut butter + Pro: Gluten Free.  Also I just found this awesome Toilet shaped cookie cutter that I’d love an excuse to buy.

Yogurt Covered Raisins have been my healthiest hit, and later on I’m tackling homemade marshmallows, if for no other reason than they are supposed to be off the chain delicious and I have a growing collection of fun cookie cutters and a near-insatiable sweet tooth.

But uh…I feel like I’m off topic.  Point is – which is worse?  An incontinent teenager, or a toothless sugar junkie?

Yeah, I heard it.

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