Just When I Thought I Would Break The Universe Brought Me Shoes.

This whole not buying any new clothes until I’ve worn or discarded of everything in my closet thing?  It’s hard.  Like, really hard.  I had no idea that I would have like desperate withdrawal-style urges to shop.  Apparently I’m an emotional shopper and stripping myself of that vice has left me in search of new ways to occupy my mind.

Like crocheting headbands.  Erin from Design for Mankind had this fabulous collection of knit head accoutrements at Alt Summit that had me seriously doubting my ability to get through this latest closet-cutting challenge. Until I found my old crochet needle and yarn stash — and now? It’s honestly getting a little ridiculous. But also I digress.  

Shoes.  I needed some spring weather appropriate ones, and I was finding myself in a bit of a pickle…what with my self imposed clothes shopping embargo and all. 

But then the lovely Laura invited me to her beauty and blogging party and lo and behold…

And not just any shoes, friends.  Sanuks that aren’t actually shoes but rather are sandals with uppers…which is great news because as a SoCal native I hate shoes (well actually I hate socks, because I get total weird toe claustrophobia so as a result I stick mostly to sandals.)  So I was pretty much like beyond psyched.  

So that’s not cheating, right?  I mean…I didn’t buy them.  So that’s totally fair game, right?  And I think that’s probably the same if I just talk about these crazy amazing leopard print jeans I saw at Target and have been literally dreaming about ever since until someone gets sick of hearing about them and buys them for me as a surprise gift to shut me up BECAUSE WHEN ELSE IN MY ADULT LIFE HAVE I EVER BEEN SKINNY ENOUGH TO WEAR SOMETHING LIKE THIS???  NEVER!!!


Help me, I’m weak.

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