Laissez Hair: Three Minute No-Heat Curls

Seriously, this took three minutes to do to damp hair and then I went to bed. Imagine how it will change your life when you can go from plane to party (like I did) and don’t have to even so much as pack that curling iron? You’ll need a headband like THIS.

{The Hair-In-Progress}

Update: The real beauty here is that you can kind of control your curl.  For kind of tousled curls, sleep in it like I did in the first picture.  The second shot is a different day – I walked around a conference like that for a full day and then yanked the headband for the party that night.  The result was a tighter, cleaner, more vintage-y pin curl.  For more of a loose finger wave, wear it for an hour or two.  I did the video below last night, pulled the headband before bed, and here’s what I’ve got this morning:

::Morning Friends and Lurkers!::


I never in a million years thought I would do a hair tutorial, but I was wrong.  Even if you don’t care about hair though, watch the video because I used a cool song that I’m obsessed with right now. Thanks to John for letting me do that.

{Update: …A song so cool, in fact that I was whistling it while making this video. Scott has since pointed out that I have a total duckface on.  Dammit.}

[I first saw this hair idea HERE. That video is revelatory, but also thirteen minutes long and…well, I have the attention span of a remote control. So these are the cliff notes. If you have long hair and can’t get this method to work for you, check out my beautiful sister-in-law’s SJP style no-heat curls HERE.]

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37 Responses to Laissez Hair: Three Minute No-Heat Curls

  1. mollyprior says:

    @the818 No-heat curls never work right for me, but I’m tempted to try this technique!

  2. mamainlalaland says:

    @the818 just bought the headband 5 minutes ago. No joke! Attempting this tonight.

  3. alexandrawrote says:

    @the818 Love it. I’ve been doingit awhile and find that if I do it in the AM in about 6 hours I have great curl. Maybe wavy hair helps?

  4. styleyourlife says:

    @the818 wow very nice! jealous my hair would never do that!

  5. Melaina25 says:

    @the818 tried it twice before (one sorta fail, one epic fail) but trying again tonight

  6. saltandnectar says:

    Can you post a direct link to the video? I cannot watch it through the site. : ( 

  7. saltandnectar says:

    Can you post a direct link to the video? I cannot watch it through the site. : ( And, of course, I’d love to see it b/c the hair looks pretty damn awesome.

  8. ShesAllWrite says:

    @the818 Totally trying this tonight–thanks!

  9. the818 says:

    @ErinMargolin I bet they will and I insist you show me.

  10. teganzimmerman says:

    @ShesAllWrite @the818 thank you! its adorable! Must try it this weekend!

  11. the818 says:

    @ShesAllWrite @teganzimmerman So glad it worked for you!

  12. wxmommy says:

    @ErinMargolin @the818 OMG, the no-heat curls are awesome! I did it last night. Thank you ladies!!

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  14. 5minutesformom says:

    So cool… both the hair and the song. 

  15. the818 says:

    @blogherpub Oh it’s genius for a conference.

  16. chill_air says:

    @the818 Looks SO good!

  17. melwedde says:

    @the818 I LOVE doing this! Thanks :)

  18. bethanygp says:

    @the818 very cool! Now where did you get that elastic headband?

  19. Melissa says:

    This unfortunately doesn’t work if you have long hair. Your hair will become knotted and you won’t be able to fit any more hair in the headband toward the end.

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