Pillow Talk

At 1 am Dee crawled into my bed and curled up next to me.  She put her little face as close to mine as possible and whispered…

Dee: “Hey Mommy…I want to tell you something.”

Me: “Yeah baby?”

D: “The Doggies go poo poo on the grass.”

Me: “Yeah, baby…they do.”

D: “They go poo poo in the house, too.”

Me: “Yeah, but they’re not supposed to. Just the little puppy does that.”

D: “Yeah. She’s a baby.”

Me:” Yeah.”

D: “Mommy? That puppy is so cute. I really like her.”

16 Responses to Pillow Talk

  1. TrisstaL says:

    @the818 OMG. She is so adorable!! :)

  2. babyrabies says:

    Awww! Deep thoughts by D. 

  3. lucidaisy11 says:

    @Toffitoulas @the818 Cute ” )

  4. daytrippingmom says:

     @the818 That is too funny! 

  5. Laura Stecklein de Molina says:

    That is adorable! It made me smile!

  6. Catalina says:

    Puppies and toddlers — adorable!

  7. Melaina25 says:

    Y’all are so keeping that puppy aren’t you? ;)

  8. 7iIIY says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t handle how cute that conversation is. Looks like that puppy is officially hers :)

  9. wa_tracy says:

    And now I’m dead of cuteness! I really should start writing the conversations I have with Abby down. Last night I recorded a conversation I had with her over dinner. This age…LOVE IT!  Also, where did you get those jammies? So cute! I need to get Abs so new jammies. They also don’t stop growing!

  10. elabri95 says:

    Love how cute they are at this age. 

  11. Caryn B says:

    LOL! I love the randomness of children at this age…mine do the same thing

  12. How incredibly cute!  Oh my…

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