Tiny Imelda Marcos

You know when Moms say their kid loves something but you really know that what they mean is that they love that thing and force it mercilessly on their kids?  Well, I swear to you this is not one of those times.


When we go out I have to steer clear of any shops where there may be children’s shoes because it will end in a meltdown when I finally collapse and she has to stop trying on every shoe in the store.  Don’t feel too bad for her – her Grandmas and Aunties spoil those feet rotten, as evidenced by the above photos.

…And don’t even get me started on what happens if g-d forbid we go to an indoor play place or somewhere that makes the kids take their shoes off and leave them all in a big pile.  “Mommy, can I wear these?”

{On the upside, a massage therapist once told me that wearing a different pair of shoes every day is really good for your chi, or maybe it was something about foot health and reflexology. Either way.}

Anyway, when the lovely Aimee of (brand spankin’ new designer kids shoe shop) Friendly Rooster asked if Dee would like to try out a pair of Tip Toey Joeys I put my own preferences aside (see, I TOLD you this wasn’t about me) and let miss lady pick her poison.  She chose wisely, and her new kicks were on their way.

But when the box arrived a few days later, she really blew my mind.  We opened the package together, and she squealed with delight as she saw her pink leopard shoes for the first time — “Mommy!  Did you got me these?!  From the computer?!”

She totally remembered, you guys.  She remembered so clearly, that after she finished her dance of joy she turned to me with hopeful eyes and said: “And now I can have the black ones?” 

I’m in pretty deep trouble, huh?

Friendly Rooster has tons of other cute designs as well, but if you buy a pair of Tip Toey Joeys through them right now, Friendly Rooster will be extra friendly and donate a pair of TTJs to a beginning walker in need.  You can’t beat that with a bat.

[Use coupon code hot20 for 20% off any purchase of $20 or more through June 9!]

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