Today’s Menu: Mush of Mind

Sometimes my brain just wants to take a vacation. Like, no matter how hard I try I can’t focus or organize, or read, or write until I let my poor little overworked head-guts take their leave of reality for a bit.

Some of you might be thinking: Uh…Didn’t you just get back from New York?  And you’re right. I totally did. But make no mistake, 5500 women in a Midtown Manhattan hotel with their sights set on networking is NOT a vacation. It’s fun and raucous and never fails to be beneficial, but it is NO VACATION.

My trip to Milwaukee kind of qualifies, I guess. I still had to wake up at the crack of dawn every day, but I did feel like I set my soul free. The New York Times [blog] thought it was stupid, but I think The New York Times [blog] is stupid, so how do you like them apples, you old gray queef?

Last night after a super awesome day of family fun, I had to swallow the jagged end of the parenting pill when the toddler went nuclear and threatened to blow and we had to miss both a housewarming party for two of our most beloved friends (check out their adorable blog on their adventures in Duplex-Owning-and-More) and the melding of two of our most brilliant and talented musical friends when Angela performed with John’s Band late last night.

Sucks, yo.  Total sucks.  But then this morning I woke up at 6 and gave Dee a glitter manicure and she was so excited that I felt better.

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