I Can Feel Time Passing Faster And It Is Seriously Freaking Me Out

I remember being five years old and realizing that it was already New Years again and saying “Wow! This year went by really fast!”. Oh, silly five year old me. You are silly. Now it’s like a blink and a year goes by. I’m still trying to figure out how my nieces are those full-grown girls up there and my own kid will be three on Monday. 

I’m also trying to figure out how to balance my life better after taking a few weekends away from the internet and coming away feeling more human than I have in years. But then I come back, and I get emails from long lost friends that speak to my soul, and I’m so grateful to have this little satellite dish for goodness to come back to. So apparently Balance is my new buzzword. My lateness knows no bounds.

Some links for your reading pleasure, while I gather myself and prepare the litany of posts that have backed up in my mental queue…

Stuff On The Internet You Should Know About:

Have you heard about Jennifer Livingston, the Iowa news anchor who served up a steaming plate of “shove it” to a viewer who’d sent a fat-shaming email to her personal inbox? Oh, her response is GOOD.

If you’ve been around a while, then you know that I love me some Katherine Stone. You probably already even know that she saves lives. Still, this week I was awed as I watched my friend Katherine storm FEARLESSLY in to the eye of a healthcare tornado to pull a struggling Mother out. It’s fitting that tomorrow marks her second annual Strong Start Day, a fundraiser which [Katherine’s non-profit] Postpartum Progress relies on to cover operating expenses throughout the year, and to fund efforts to increase awareness of postpartum depression, which affects one in five mothers, most of whom will go untreated.

This year, that includes taking her work offline and in to doctors offices and clinics to reach as many moms as possible, something that I personally think is massively important for mothers and families alike. Learn more HERE.

My dear friend Jenny On The Spot has this great idea to send the one thing we all have enough of to share with a little boy going through Chemotherapy in her town.

Joanna wrote this beautiful note about teaching compassion which I wish every parent could read.

Your Aunt Becky listed off Ten Reasons She Wishes She Was Christian Slater and I basically agree with every single one.

My sister gave Dee her very first play kitchen and I now wantDee now wants all of this felt food that Jess posted about the other day.

And lastly, it’s not exactly what I wished for, but it’s close:

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