Hanukkah Is My Jam

It’s kind of sad to be a Jewish kid around the Holidays. Even in LA and NY where I’ve spent the bulk of my youth and it’s easy enough to feel like Jews are the majority instead of a mere 2% of the US population, the Christmas machine relegates Hanukkah to a marginalized afterthought faster than you can say Hava Nagila.

{To be clear, Christmas is awesome. I’m lucky to have married interfaith and have a great excuse to relish in it. But I’m a Jew and this post is about Hanukkah.}

So you may notice, around this time of year, that The818 starts to feel a little Blue and Silver. I consider it my duty as a Jew with a blog to spread the simcha and share the Hanukkah joy with as many folks as possible.

That’s why I made you this Hanukkah Mix Tape. You’ll notice it doesn’t look like my usual mix tapes, because as it turns out, it’s damn near impossible to find these songs available for download, and I’m in San Francisco without the epic collection of Holiday tunes that Scott and I have amassed over the years. But it will still play all the way through and provide you with dittys to play dreidel by. Or make latkes on the BBQ. Enjoy!

Hanukkah Bonus:  My Mom’s Insanely Delicious Brisket Recipe — SO GOOD.

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