Running Against The Wind

20130104-185136.jpgHaving miss lady home for two weeks has wreaked havoc on all our lives. It’s hard to believe that just three short months ago this was our norm. Thank Moses for good friends (mine and Dee’s) to help us weather the storm.

Jan4_R{day 4 of 365}

So far I’m really digging using whatever part of my brain that’s required for this daily photo taking. It’s challenging a part of my creativity that’s been dormant and it’s a nice distraction from my usual mental din. At the urging of my friend Jill, I’ve been digging through Beyond Snapshots {by the lovely Rachel Devine of Sesame Ellis and her incredibly talented partner Peta Mazey} and it’s been just the refresher course I need to get re-acquainted with a real camera (as opposed to an iPhone camera, which is what I’ve been doing most of my shooting on for the past two years) and the motivation I’m looking for to keep that baby on manual.

After day two I forced myself to move from my beloved 50mm lens on to the zoom I once loathed and yesterday and today’s images are the product of that switch. The top photo was the one I was hoping to use today while I was snapping away at Kidspace, but it didn’t come out quite how I’d hoped, so the bottom one is my official photo of the day. Still, kind of proud of myself for getting something I’m not embarrassed to post out of a lens I was resistant to. Is that weird? I’m conquering fears you guys ~ it’s about so much more than photography, am I right?

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