Big Girls Don’t Cry

Jan5I keep wondering: Who let this kid in our house? And what happened to that baby that was here? I read this post about one Mama’s decision to check her teenager daughter into rehab, and then I read this post about another Mama’s decision to have the sex talk with her preteen, and I can’t believe that before I know it my big girl is going to be even bigger, and those worries will be my worries and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

I hope she still tells me she loves me at random intervals throughout the day when she’s 16. I hope she still asks me if I want her to lay down with me when I’m not feeling well once she’s got her drivers license. {Or if that’s too much to ask, I hope she’ll return to the habit sometime thereafter.} I hope she always squeals “really?!” and wraps her arms around me when I surprise her with an unexpected treat, and I hope when I ask her what makes her happiest, her answer never stops being “you”. But if she does…if (when) the time comes that I have to let her stand on her own two legs and maybe even watch her fall, I hope I will be as thoughtful as Shannon or as strong as Shauna.


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