Eyebrow-Gate: The Final Chapter


I never knew I could feel this way about my eyebrows.

[To read about how and why I tattooed my eyebrows click here. The above is my eight-day post-tat brow. It’s slightly itchy, but looks effing amazing. …that goes for the right one too. In conclusion, if you are thinking about having permanent make-up done, DO IT. Stay tuned to see if I grow the balls necessary to tattoo my eyelids next.]

Update: Side by side (top by bottom) before and after shots, by request:


8 Responses to Eyebrow-Gate: The Final Chapter

    • Morgan says:

      Depends on your area, Tess is currently running a special from about $325, I’ve seen groupons as low as $187, but I don’t recommend bargain shopping for this particular item. (…says the girl who bargain shopped for her very first tattoo.)

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  2. Meredith says:

    Howbare you liking the brows today?? Was it worth it!?! I think thy look great!!

  3. Jackie says:

    Was this done with the tapping method? I say a groupon on it not long ago and seriously considered it… So do u still love them?

  4. Meg says:

    Ok two questions – 1) Are you at all concerned about (sorry!) sagging facial skin over time? Our faces won’t look the same at 55 as they do at 35. I’m concerned that my tatted eyebrows could sag and look terrible as I age… and 2) Is there a special name for the treatment your brows received? Or do I just look for a permanent makeup artist? A lot of the online “after” pics are a bit scary, I guess because they take them immediately post-procedure and they’re more drag-queen looking than your pics up above.

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