A Damn Miracle: Honey Cured My Allergies

HoneyMy Father-In-Law was the first one to mention it to me. I had coughed my way to a cracked rib while in Laguna Nigel for the weekend, and he was watching me alternately hack and wince with a sympathetic eye.

“You know, raw local honey has been really helping me with my allergies. As local as you can get it. There’s a great place in Sylmar that jars it on the spot.”

Weird, but okay. I was seriously uncomfortable and willing to try anything. The next person to bring it up was my doctor as he treated me for my second sinus infection in twice as many weeks. Nothing was helping with my epic year of allergies and all that gunk was backing up in to my sinuses to painful effect. He prescribed me some steroids and inhalers and serious stuff to put out the fire in my lungs, and then he wrote one last thing on his notepad.

“I want you to get some raw local honey. Try to find some that’s made as close to your house as possible.”

It sounds crazy, right? But if you saw me in Laguna this year you’d know I could barely breathe between lung-cracking hacks, and if you saw me today, my lungs are resting comfortably while I write this in my backyard. All that serious medication has been longĀ ingestedĀ and all that remains is a spoonful of 12$ honey a day. I haven’t taken a Claritin or the like in two weeks. No joke.

Here’s the theory: Local Honey is made by bees using the exact same irritating allergens that have got your system going all haywire. Ingesting the honey helps your body slowly build up an immunity to those allergens and viola! Allergy-free!

I’m a full-blown convert. I’ve been eating mine on just about everything and it has been life-altering. I highly recommend it.

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