The A-Frame Barbie Dream House (Circa 1978)

1978 Barbie Dream House -- The818.comFor Christmas this past year, Scott Mom brought out the pristine 1978 Barbie Dream House that had belonged to my sis-in-law Maegan. We were all overwhelmed that they’d decided to bestow this treasure on Delilah, but obviously Dee most of all.

1978 Barbie Dream House -- The818.comWell, maybe Dee most of all. I did take 147 pictures on my iPhone. And then promptly became too overwhelmed by photos to share a single one.

1978 Barbie Dream House -- The818.com1978 Barbie Dream House -- 1978 Barbie Dream House -- 1978 Barbie Dream House -- 1978 Barbie Dream House -- 1978 Barbie Dream House -- The818.comI wanted to capture everything. Every detail. Every gasp of glee, every mid-century bit of styling, every. tiny. detail. And so I did. But what do you do with all of those details?Do you put them in a photo album? What’s the point?

1978 Barbie Dream House --{Do you see how Maegan wallpapered the walls with contact paper? Even then she was an ace at DIY decorating.}

1978 Barbie Dream House -- The818.comThat’s when I was approached to try Disney’s Story app. It’s a storytellers dream. I share a lot of things on the internet, and I can see where Story will come in super handy with that but more importantly, I take a lot of photos that I’m only really intending to share with family and close friends, and Story is a really beautiful way to do that. Check out the Story I created of Dee’s first visit with her vintage Barbie Dream House. Finally, I was able to compile them and then delete them from my phone. Every tiny detail included.

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