The Life And Death of Butt Pumpkin

Death of Butt PumpkinHe didn’t start out that way…rotten and deflated on the front stoop…

ButtButt Pumpkin began his professional life as a hefty but lopsided reject propped up against a hay stack in a Sherman Oaks pumpkin patch.

Less than half the price of the similarly sized pumpkins, I was initially drawn to him for his large, smooth carving surface, but when I rolled him over and revealed his backside I realized this pumpkin had a destiny to fulfill.


We emptied his insides and scraped him clean, that gourd with the crack in the back.

IMG_7352We modeled our best impressions of what we thought his face might look like. In the end, (pun intended) there was really only one way to go for a pumpkin with a butt.

IMG_7359(Nope, he’s not spelunking, that’s the headlamp Scott bought to read Delilah stories at bedtime.)

IMG_7358It was no easy task, bringing BP to life…

IMG_7363We sweated and chipped and carved, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t worth it.

FaceSo worth it.


Ahhhh, he was glorious. But a Pumpkin this great was never meant to last. His destiny fulfilled, he collapsed in a puddle of his own rot sometime late Halloween night.


Goodbye Butt Pumpkin.

[I had big plans to make you guys an animated GIF with him crying pumpkin tears and leaving a little tootsie roll in back, but as it turns out I’m not that good of a blogger. Plus he took a turn for the worst really quickly. I totally didn’t see it coming.]

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