Beauty Counter Adventures: Dewey Yet Full Coverage Foundation

a0fe5e274363d272e1e29ee118a1ee98For this week’s makeup counter cram session I had a mission in mind. I wanted (nay, NEEDED) to learn how to achieve that dewey complexion that J.Lo and J.Law have perfected so effortlessly while I often look like my grandmother caked my powder on for me.

So I marched in to Bloomingdales where the staff was surprisingly quiet and un-eager to make me over, but I finally found willing artist in Maya, who was casually hovering near the YSL counter with luminous skin and a cat eye that would make Alexa Jung jealous.

I told her I wanted a lighter, dewey look to my foundation without sacrificing coverage. Coverage, I’m learning, is our friend.


The first product she directed me to was Yves Saint Laurent’s illuminating foundation, which I have to admit looked pretty fantastic when she applied it with a sponge brush over just my moisturizer alone. But at $57 a bottle I wasn’t ready to commit when I still have foundations I’ve never tried in my makeup collection at home. (Being a beauty blogger is really hard you guys.)


I asked her if there was a primer she liked for underneath an illuminating foundation, and that’s when the real learning began. Maya got excited and led me over to the Shiseido counter. Never having owned any Shiseido products, it was safe to say she had me intrigued. 


The Shiseido primer  ($30) was thicker than the Smashbox versions I’ve grown accustomed to, and Maya explained it had both a sunscreen in it, and an added sheen, making everything appear smooth and shiny over it. Ding ding ding! That was more what I was looking for. Maya also explained that adding a highlighter (like this one) to your existing primer can help add a natural looking glow to your daily routine.

I only half heard her because that’s when Shiseido’s shimmering cream eye color caught my eye. The peacock blue especially. I’ve always been unsure about wearing blue shadows with my green eyes, but these creamy, buildable shadows allow you to create any number of looks — going on as light or as dark as you’d like it. It’s like a palette in a bottle. The only problem was that I wanted basically every shade. I’m going to have to do some more color studies before I make a purchase, but hot damn did I love the way it glided on and how easily controllable my lines were.

Cream eyeliner

 [This was a weird out take of a pretty cute instagram, but it’s the best shot I got of the cream eye color.]

(Did I mention I had my sweet four year old lady with me on this particular excursion?
She got to sit in a high up chair and eat a soft pretzel so she was pretty psyched.)

photo 1

Alas, I’d found my item of the day, Shiseido’s thick and shimmery sunscreen-infused primer is now mine. I decided to layer it with the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation I had at home, and a cream blush I’m obsessed with from Chantecaille, and HALLELUJAH I was dewey at last!

photo 4

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