Say Hello To Sara. She’s A Nomad.


So remember yesterday when I said there would be some contributors joining up around these parts? Their posts will be peppered in with mine from time to time (you’ll hear from each of them every few weeks) in hopes of bringing a broader portrait of modern marriage, parenthood, adulthood, and family life in general. Because for our generation, things have kind of taken on a life of their own, haven’t they?

The first contributor I want to introduce you to is Sara. Some things you should know about her:

  • She’s a film industry drop out and one hell of a crafter.
  • We lived together for seven years after being¬†assigned one another as room mates at NYU.
  • We once took a plane to Paris with no return ticket and no place to stay.
  • She’s an incredible photographer (and cinematographer — she shot my thesis film back in our NYU days)
  • Her husband looks like George Clooney.
  • She has three kids, two boys 6 & 3, and a 6 week old newborn baby girl. Two were born at home.
  • She’s a nomad. As in, she hasn’t lived anywhere for more than a few months in several years. (She’s going to tell you more about that in her first post.)
  • She’s the person that inspired me to start a blog. She had a blog first and it was super awesome. She also left the very first comment here on

Without further ado —¬†“On Becoming An Accidental Nomad” by Sara.

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