Never Trust A Big Butt And A Smile

PoisonIf this isn’t the greatest photo ever taken, well then I just don’t know what. Because obviously MTV Generation + BBD = ALL THIS ^^. We are in it to win it you guys.

[Those buck ladies grooving with me are my fellow travelers through the blogosphere (from right) Cara, Jessica, Jen, Heather, Jill, Me (duh), Isabel, & Heather, if you don’t read them you should because they are each their own brand of awesome.]

What? What’s that? Did we stay seated while BBD was on? Why no, no we did not.

DancingStanding (That’s my all the time dancing face. I got it from my Dad. Yes I’ve thanked him.)

C’mon, you know you want to go listen to Rump Shaker or Shoop or some other amazing early 90s classic now. How could you not?

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