Kicking This Fundraiser Up A Notch: Donate To Postpartum Progress Hollywood Hills Hike, Win Seriously Cool Hollywood Shit.

Update 6/18 — New Prizes added below!

LetoThat’s Jared Leto raising his arms in appreciation to the crowd while fronting his band 30 Seconds to Mars. I’m sure he doesn’t like it when people talk about his Jordan Catalano past but now that he’s a full-blown Oscar winner I feel like it’s cool to go there like how when people make George Clooney look at pictures of himself playing Jo’s boyfriend on The Facts Of Life because OMG isn’t it funny that he used to be a guest star with a mullet? Except this is actually not that at all, because Jordan Catalano was basically the greatest thing to ever happen teen girls of my generation and the underside of bleachers in general. But I digress.

A'DrieneThat’s my friend A’Driene Nieves, author of Butterfly Confessions raising her arms in a show of strength to Moms everywhere who are suffering from Postpartum Depression. She’s a rockstar too, in a different way — she kicked the ass of PPD a first time, faced it again after the birth of her second child, and now, while still in recovery from that second bout with the beast, has raised — along with her Austin Climb Team — over $2585 in donations to support Postpartum Progress — the non profit organization that dubbed postpartum survivors like A’Driene and me WARRIOR MOMS, because overcoming mental illness and returning to yourself is a battle that we’ve won. A battle that every single one of the 1 in 7 mothers who will struggle with maternal mental illness in their lifetime can win too. 

What do these two photos have in common, you may ask? Why are you talking about Jared Leto’s career trajectory and postpartum depression in the same blog post? A flash raffle during this final week of annual fundraising for Postpartum Progress. That’s what. Want to go to ANY SHOW ON THE CURRENT 30 SECONDS TO MARS/LINKIN PARK/AFI tour? Pick a city and the tickets are yours? That’s totally within your reach if you can make it to the end of this blog post, along with other killer prizes. 


One lucky winner will snag themselves a copy of Tangled signed by the Princess herself, Ms. Mandy Moore (who also just so happens to voice Sheriff Callie, y’all, and is also totally hot.)

Another lucky winner will snag a Bad Grandpa prize pack including a poster signed by Johnny Knoxville who is hot.

Donate and you could find yourself on the Paramount lot for a set visit on the brand new series TRANSPARENT starring Jeffrey Tambor, Gabby Hoffman, Jay Duplass, and directed by the brilliant Jill Soloway. You could meet them all!

That (obviously generous) Oscar winner Jared Leto signed a copy of Dallas Buyers Club for a lucky donator.

Fan of The Following? Donate and there could be a prize pack coming your way including a Season Two behind the scenes photo book signed by Kevin Bacon AND James Purefoy. I’m actually kind of afraid just looking at it.

Listen. We’re #TEAMLA. We’re a town notorious for showing up in the third inning for Dodger Games. We’ve practically invented the art of fashionably late. But whether we work at home, on our computers, or on set with cameras whirring, we’re not immune to mental illness, and for plenty of us lalaland Mamas, Postpartum Progress has taken us from sufferers to Warrior Moms just like the 120+ other teams of Survivor Armies of Moms that will be Climbing Out of the Darkness all over the world this weekend. So we’re hitting you guys with a flash raffle in hopes of hitting our lofty fundraising goals and contributing to the $117,000 that our fellow Warrior Moms have banked to help those who will descend into the darkness this year…to help ensure that every single one of the 1 in 7 new moms dragged down by PPD climbs out of it. All this to say, for every donation of $10 or more made to any member of #TEAMLA in support of Climb Out of the Darkness will be entered to win the prize of their choice, ranging from concert tickets to set visits to signed memorabilia. So please. Help us help Moms. Donate HERE any time between now and June 30th, and then enter the raffle using the rafflecopter widget below (click on the +1 next to the entry method and follow the instructions in the drop down.) If you can’t see the widget, click HERE.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you’d like to join our climb you can do so officially (as a fundraiser) HERE, or just show up at the base of Runyon Canyon this Saturday Morning at 9:45am. We’ll be hitting the trail at 10am, with or without you (hopefully with you!). Survivors, sufferers, and friends all welcome. I hope to see you there.

(Maybe our prizes aren’t your bag — will you share our raffle with your friends who might want to enter? Sharing this post is one of the best things you can do to help us reach as many suffering Moms as possible.)

Who has Postpartum Progress helped? Watch this video for just a sampling of the Warrior Moms who’ve won the battle and will be lacing up their hiking boots this Saturday. (I, being me, couldn’t get my shit together to send a photo in time for the edit. But I’M BACK, too.)

And last but certainly not least — THANK YOU to those who have donated these incredible prizes. I’m lucky to be part of super radical and generous communities both online and off.

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