imageMy lady’s been getting real good at taking selfies lately. She takes pictures of other things too, but the pictures she takes of herself are my favorite.

She turned five last week and she threw all of her toddler caution to the wind, welcoming a big kid confidence that I barely recognize. At one point while we were celebrating her birthday I looked up and couldn’t find her — until I realized that I was staring right at her, she was barefoot on stage with a butterfly painted over her entire face and a flower wreath on her head. No more reserved little girls here.

enhanced-24615-1413335011-5-1She visited my office this week for a photo shoot depicting some incredible women, and we had so much fun putting all of the costumes together. That’s her as Beyonce’s silhouette above — to see the whole shoot, click HERE.

Need more Halloween inspiration? I’ve got you covered:

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