Self Esteem, You Elusive Bitch.

Where do you get your self esteem from? Someone asked me that question recently and i couldn’t answer it. I had nothing.

It’s no secret that my brain doesn’t play very nice. My ability to enjoy life has ebbed and flowed over the past few years, and today, right now, lately, it’s been in an ebb.

So in an effort to find my way back to the ability to draw my self esteem from what makes me feel good, rather than what makes me look good, I’m trying to pin point something every day that makes my soul tingle. (To be clear, I’m a depressed writer, I have no idea what a soul is, but I’m getting the distinct sense that mine needs some attention.)

So here we go.

Begin small. Begin with soup.

Dee was home sick all week and we’ve ordered in two different matzoh ball soups from two different delis so far. Tonight she asked if I could make her the real kind, the way I make it. I don’t cook that much, and there aren’t that many dishes I make that well, but being the kind of mom who has mastered this dish for my girl goes against everything I think about myself and makes me feel good. #esteemyourselfie

What makes you feel good about being you? Tell me here, and on just about any other social media platform where you can #esteemyourselfie. I’m listening.

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