Never Gonna Say Goodbye

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_5ttqdil65og0kog0gskgss4oo_640A year and a half ago I went to work at BuzzFeed, and I kind of just left the lights on and the door unlocked on this blog, but still it was pretty obvious no one was home. It’s not that I didn’t want to have a plan for The818, it’s just that I didn’t have a plan for anything — you know? I’m a chase-shiny-objects kind of girl and BuzzFeed was a big shiny opportunity¬†that I couldn’t tackle fast enough. The bummer was that I was still kind of in the middle of the last opportunity I had built for myself (this weird little getting-kind-of-antiquated-blog) and…well…sometimes things give, y’know?

Still, having been borne of new years resolutions and loneliness, I’ve never seen this space as any kind of finite thing. It’s fluid, like my life, ever-changing, giving me the space I need to write about nothing for no one, and the space I need to go off and pursue other platforms. That’s what makes the internet so fucking great, right? That’s what started me on this crazy wild ride to begin with. Remember how the internet used to be the place I passed my time between screenwriting gigs and now I’m like “shit, it would be great if I could find some time to screenwrite.” Life is weird, yo. Mine is a bona-fide freak-show.

But here I am…seven years after I first registered, and I’m weirdly finding myself back again. Writing for¬†no one about nothing. Pushing through the sharing-aversion that has defined the last year or so of my life and reaching out to find that connection that got me through the first time. Because guys…we are trying to have another baby and it has not been going well.

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