What’s Next?

Well, shit. The world has changed, and we couldn’t be more divided about whether or not it’s a good thing.

I haven’t been quiet about how I feel. I’m trying to actually be a little quieter while I process it all and figure out what to do next. I took all the social apps off my phone because raging into the fiberoptic hole isn’t helping me feel (or do) better. I still slip on to Facebook from time to time to to say something ill-advised, and then I cut myself off again. Social media is as tough an addiction to beat as any.

But I don’t want to talk about politics ever again. I only want to talk about fixing this country. I only want to talk about how half of Americans were so disenfranchised they didn’t even vote. I don’t know what that means for me — if it’s about shifting to a life of public service, or if it’s about using the megaphone I’m privileged to have to make a positive effect on the world. How do you find the most powerful way to make an impact when there’s so much impact that needs to be made?


This election has taught me that I was truly living in a bubble, believing that President-Elect Trump could never happen. That we were on the verge of our first female president. And that that president was going to be one of the most qualified and well-vetted in history. I woke up, and put on my pantsuit, and my Future Is Female shirt, and I marched out of my house prepared to make history.

53% of white women voted for a candidate to openly bragged about assaulting women. Who treats and speaks about women like trash. But why? Is our own racism and misogyny so deeply engrained that white women as a demographic were so willing to ignore the sexism and racism spewing from the male candidate’s lips?

The hardest part about this election for me personally (after breaking the news to my daughter) has been realizing how many people voted Trump but would never admit it to anyone. We’re so divided, we can’t talk to each other face to face, and we’re left to these drastic measures. Where did we lose our humanity? Have our voices just gotten lost in the cacophony of social media?

I don’t believe for a minute that Donald Trump believes in 90% of what he says. I don’t believe that he can or will attempt to do many of the terrifying things he has promised. But I’m no longer afraid of President Trump. I’m afraid of the very idea that he was voted in to office. I’m afraid for the children who will wake up every day wondering if their parents will be deported, and I’m afraid of the people who will take Trump’s election as a cosign from all of us in this country that racism, misogyny, and shitting on others is OK. It is not.

This podcast was helpful for me to listen to as I struggle to understand how this could happen, and the reality of the landscape we’re currently living in.

(h/t to Tara for sharing it with me.)

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