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My lady’s been getting real good at taking selfies lately. She takes pictures of other things too, but the pictures she takes of herself are my favorite. She turned five last week and she threw all of her toddler caution … Continue reading

This is Halloween.

It’s super weird how fast time is going. Too fast. Five years is hardly any time at all in adult world, but in kid world, it’s a whole life time ago. I dunno. Everyone is seeming really grown up these … Continue reading

Britney Spears is my spirit animal.

It feels like I haven’t stopped moving since the summer began, and I keep waiting for things to calm down so I can get my shit together but it would appear someone drained the fluid from the brakes of my life … Continue reading

Time, You’re Gonna Need To Slow Your Roll.

Oh, what a long strange few weeks it’s been. An excellent and exciting and affirming few weeks (month? has it been a month already since we did this total life about face?) but long and strange (read: exhausting) no less. … Continue reading

This One Time, Children’s Hospital LA Saved My Life #MiracleMarathon

I was three years old. My recurring ear infections had given way to mastoiditis, and there was a chunk of my head that had to go before the infection could spread to my brain. My Dad worked for himself, so my parents … Continue reading