Dreams really do come true.

So listen. It happened. A quarter of a decade later, I got to meet the New Kids On The Block. (The whole day leading up to it Scott kept saying “It’s still cheating if it’s a New Kid, because he is a total buzzkill.) In reality it was short but oh so sweet — they paired us with the ladies in line… Read more →

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.28.15 PM

Well, hello.

Man life has been speeding by this year.  It’s been nine months since I heard about a job that sounded awesome and took a leap of faith in to a whole new world. Nine months since Delilah started elementary school. Four months since Sophie died. Three months since we left the valley and moved to the east side of Los Angeles. Nine months living at breakneck… Read more →


It is a fucking bummer that I’m not a millionaire.

Riiiiiight where The 818 and Hollywood converge, sits the Millard Kaufman Residence — a dreamy house built in 1949 and later expanded by Richard Neutra. It’s listed at 2.5 million dollars, which I don’t have, but if I did, you could bet your ass I would be moving in like, this weekend. Which like, fuck you forever LA real estate market, because… Read more →


Best Friends Forever

Sophie McHounderson died Sunday after a long battle with doorbells and vacuum cleaners. (Her body was also riddled with cancer, but that didnt get her down much.) She spent her final days eating McDonalds cheeseburgers, singing harmonies with fire engines, and burying stuff in the yard. She wants her brother Otis to know that if he digs that shit up… Read more →