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Wondering What Kind of Swimsuits Four Year Olds Dig? Ask A Four Year Old!

[someone has recently discovered the art of the selfie] It’s summer, friends, which for many parents really only means one thing – all kids all the time. For our lucky lady, it means camp and awesome pool parties with her Memas and … Continue reading

The Art of Preservation with Heirloom Lab

I have a secret. A dirty, awful, shameful secret that makes me cringe whenever I remember that super adult thing that after seven years I still have not taken the time to do. This coming September will mark Scott’s and … Continue reading

No Baby, YOU’RE a Firework.

Last year, my sister-in-law moved to a small resort town in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. There’s a lake and all the goodness that comes with it. For our second Independence Day in a row, we’ve made the trek … Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July

From our family to yours, happy fourth! Have fun, be safe, keep all limbs intact.

I can’t stop thinking about dumpsters.

Look, you know this thing with us building a container house is getting kind of hot and heavy when I’m obsessively looking at pictures of people’s dumpster pools. At the moment, I’m romancing the idea of buying a disgusting fixer and … Continue reading