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a photo a day for a year.

In Celebration Of What’s New

Have you heard Al Green’s cover of The Beatles “I Want To Hold Your Hand”? Because it’s basically the greatest arrangement of a song ever. I can’t stop smiling, despite a few clouds. {Hunting for Easter Eggs…L.A. Style.}

PSA: Remember Those Black Wedges We All Loved? They’ve Been Knocked Off!

That up there is the Dolce Vita Julie, one of the fiercest wedges currently on the market. I should know. I own them. In black AND in tan. Admittedly one pair was gifted to me and one pair I bought … Continue reading

Day 84 And I’m Getting My Ass Kicked

I’m obviously dropping the ball on this big time. But I’m not beaten yet, Project 365. On the upside though, I’m moderately less shitty at taking the daily pictures than I am at posting them in a timely fashion, so … Continue reading

Allergy City: Population, Me. (But pretty worth it.)

It’s kind of a joy to take photos of people you really love. So my constant photojournaling of the Adventures of Scott and Dee is kind of the funnest and most worthwhile project ever. On the days that I’m not … Continue reading


  I’ve completely lost track of what day this was.