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Cookie Doodle Birthday Partay!

I want you to know I think of you guys often. I’ll be going about life and I’ll think “oh, what a cute idea/nice moment/funny anecdote I’m experiencing. I should share this with my friends and lurkers who visit my blog. Hey Scott — take a picture!” But then I sit down to try and write a functional blog post… Read more →

Funnest New Feature Of iOS 6?
Your Toddler Can Spend Real Money!

Sometimes I feel like the internet is robbing me blind. I’ve ranted and raved about Opt-Out culture, and last month alone my Paypal account was hit with erroneous charges from both Facebook AND Hootsuite. And just this morning, I got a little surprise receipt from Apple! “Funny,” I thought, “I don’t remember typing in my password to authorize those purchases…” I did… Read more →