Baby Fever

Welcome To The Gunn Show”>

{If you follow me on Instagram, sorry that you’re kind of getting this story twice. Please accept this awesome musical mash-up as my apology. But she just.kept.going.on about the costume.} Yesterday evening, Delilah suddenly stopped what she was doing, eyes nearly bugging out of her head as she remembered she had been saving something for DAYS that she’d wanted to… Read more →

Bed Head.″>the

Dude, I know, right?  Cutest bed head ever. But those are her favorite jammies, and have I mentioned this kid counts to 12?   I don’t know where the the letter F she learned that. Also, do you know this song by The Jimmies?  I now sing it to Dee every morning. Read more →

Delilah Amadeus Georgie

My parents got her a Shoenhut Fancy Baby Grand (bright red!) for Hannukah. So, the above scene is pretty much standard morning stuff around here now. Her two best pieces? Old McDonald (she sings and plays the E-I-E-I-O part over and over) and ever-moving Theme from Elmo’s World. Oh, which reminds me ~ have you guys seen Melody Street? My… Read more →