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I love TV. More than is probably healthy.

We’ll Talk About My Raging Case of Feminism Later.

Spoiler Alert: I’m going to talk about things that happened on Season 4 Episode 2 (or are they calling it 3?) of Downton Abbey. Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen it and don’t want to know what happens/be outraged. … Continue reading

So, I’ve Been Thinking About The Shortcomings Of American Idol, And I Have Some Thoughts.”>what

{Bo Bice asked to take a picture with me. What do you think about that?} So, this is really kind of awkward. I mean, when you get invited by AT&T to experience in person an awesome musical spectacular that fourteen … Continue reading

This Woman Is Awesome. I’d Be Lost Without Her.

Angela Santomero has saved my butt on more than one occasion. As the creative force behind Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood she’s given me much needed ammo for potty training, calming down toddlers, getting my daughter to wait patiently, and so much … Continue reading

F-U Right In Your A, Downton Abbey

There are going to be season three spoilers in this wild rant about what Julian Fellowes and his sadistic creative team have put us through, so don’t read any further if you haven’t watched last night’s Downton Abbey US season … Continue reading

Houndton Tabby [Or, Getting Swept Up In A Cultural Phenomenon]

Yep, that’s Matthew Crawley as an Australian Shepherd. Spot on, right? He’s a TOTAL Australian Shepherd. I think it’s both the puppy dog eyes AND the soft jawline. And Lady Mary makes a lovely Borzoi, don’t you think? Ahhhh, this … Continue reading