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I love TV. More than is probably healthy.

When You Wish Upon A Star…

{“Smile for the Camera” print via Society6. Also you will laugh at this pin from baby rabies.} My Mother in Law has a Mickey Mouse collection that rivals the Magic Kingdom’s. And I’ve always been a sucker for a protagonist with undeniable psychosis. (I’ve sent many a tweet about Ariel the Hoarder, Belle’s Stockholm Syndrome, Peter Pan’s Arrested Development, and… Read more →

Cee Lo Green EFs with IMAGINE – Infuriates Hippies”>John

Cee Lo Green, what ever were you thinking? You’re kicking off 2012 by performing John Lennon’s beloved IMAGINE on New Years Eve with Carson Daly, and rather than just add your own artistic spin to the arrangement, you choose to switch up perhaps the most controversial lyric to the late superstar’s anthem of universal love… HuffPo reports: Cee Lo Greenā€˜s… Read more →