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Casual Coachella-Day (Or, How I Spent My Spring Vacation.) (What?)

We don’t take many vacations around these parts. With both of us being self-employed, it’s hard for us to find the time to take off of work to take those much needed life-breaks. So most of the time, we just don’t. I travel for work, and we’ll do quick trips to visit our sisters on the weekends, but that’s it.… Read more →

Casual Fridays: Blogging Life Is Hard And I’m Freaking Exhausted.

{Molly Ringwald photographed by Andy Warhol, Circo 1985… …and I’m pretty sure that’s The Bangles lead singer Suzanna Hoffs on the left.} This week has done me in good. I’m wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and my favorite lounge pants that Scott gave me for Christmas the year we got married, but I can’t take a picture for you right… Read more →


Where Purgeday Thursday Meets Casual Friday;
And Not Just Because I’m Lazy!

Since I was too busy purging my ASS OFF yesterday to get a post up, {where by “purging my ass off” I mean “crying in to my taxes”} I thought this would be a great opportunity to tie our crap cutting in with our lounge-wear-wearing (if you’re a fellow lounge wear wearer) and talk about how you cut the crap… Read more →

Casual Fridays, Because Lounge Clothes Are The Best Kind Of Clothes, AmIRight?

Lots of people post photos of their cute outfits on their blogs, and I have totally tried to do that, but unfortunately (fortunately) being a work-at-home-mom type person I don’t actually get dolled up in cute outfits all that often. And when I do I’m usually stressed out and really late and sweating and in no position to stop and… Read more →