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The Things We Keep

I am looking for plastic Easter eggs when I find it. A medium-sized cardboard box, sharpie scribbles and bumps from various moves gracing every side. It weighs more than I expect and the tape I tug from the top feels … Continue reading

My Accidental Spring Break (ish)
Alternate Title: Where I’ve Been.

Every two weeks for the past three months, I’ve gone out of town. I’m tired. So tired. And inspired. So inspired. But my body is run down and my fibromyalgia is flaring up and it just feels like my head … Continue reading

Finishing The Unfinished: A Creative Footnote to #CutYourCrap

In this week’s installment of Cut Your Crap, in an attempt to help get things moving for those folks feeling a pit constipated in their Spring Cleaning, I shared a few tips from Karen Kingston’s “Clear Your Clutter With Feng … Continue reading

Purgeday Thursday: Getting Started #CutYourCrap

I know, you guys. I know. Trying to get rid of 450 pieces of crap in 90 days can be really overwhelming. That’s why I’m here for you. That’s why we’re doing this together. That’s why I’m bringing in expert … Continue reading

It’s Purgeday Thursday AND The First Day Of Spring: Gird Your Loins and #CUTYOURCRAP

Exactly 365 days ago I had an idea. Summer is 90 days away. That’s 90 days to get your shit in order and your crap cut before the official season of relaxing begins. (And here’s my favorite graph if you … Continue reading