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Where Purgeday Thursday Meets Casual Friday;
And Not Just Because I’m Lazy!

Since I was too busy purging my ASS OFF yesterday to get a post up, {where by “purging my ass off” I mean “crying in to my taxes”} I thought this would be a great opportunity to tie our crap cutting in with our lounge-wear-wearing (if you’re a fellow lounge wear wearer) and talk about how you cut the crap… Read more →

Purgeday Thursday Is BACK For Spring,
And I’ve Been Neutralized…

“New rule. No more buying color without supervision.”– Jessica, editing my closet. She neutralized me.   The problem with never getting rid of anything is that unlike you, your stuff doesn’t actually mature or change. It just takes up space and/or clings to happy memories in sad ways {and by “happy memories” I mean “my body”}. The longer I spend living… Read more →