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This Is Your Child On Cadbury Egg

It was like she’d never seen sugar before. Silly rabbit.

Flashback Because I Feel Like It

 Is it weird that I look at these pictures and miss this baby? Man I want another kid so bad. We’re not there yet (for obvious reasons) but my hormones haven’t gotten the memo. BABIEEEESSSSSS. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. If that didn’t totally … Continue reading

Puking While Parenting Is An Out Of Body Experience

I was laying in bed with Delilah when it happened. I had to barf. I’d eaten an early and ill-advised dinner and it was coming back to haunt me. I sat up, then doubled over, feeling the cold sweat creep … Continue reading

Awesome DIY Customizable Party Favor Crown

A four year old’s birthday party is no joke. This is no longer an adult party where kids come and there’s cake. This is a full-blown kids party with pinatas and crafts and party favors, and everything I wasn’t prepared … Continue reading

Who’s That Lady?

She’s four. My girl is FOUR. I don’t blog nearly as much about our adventures as I used to because at some point over the past four years the baby in my belly became her whole own person, and I … Continue reading