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10 Ways to Live Through Your Remodel (hopefully with a grain of sanity)

And when I say live through the remodel, I mean that literally. We added a master bedroom and bath and figured if we shifted ourselves around a bit, we could just stay home while adding on and save the added expense … Continue reading

I can’t stop thinking about dumpsters.

Look, you know this thing with us building a container house is getting kind of hot and heavy when I’m obsessively looking at pictures of people’s dumpster pools. At the moment, I’m romancing the idea of buying a disgusting fixer and … Continue reading

Textures (Dwell On Design, 2014)

I dunno, I’m just like really super in to textures right now, y’know?

Eye Candy: Highlights from Dwell on Design 2014

This past weekend we trucked over the hill for Dwell on Design 2014 at the LA Convention Center where the grass truly was greener and totally sustainable, recycled and synthetic, natch. It also housed every prefab I could ever had … Continue reading

Shipping Container Homes

Lately I’ve got this bug up my butt. Scott and I have always wanted to build a house. We’ve bounced back and forth between prefab homes and stick building, weighing price per sq ft vs. carbon footprint and all kinds of … Continue reading