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Get Your Zen On With Grown-Up Coloring Books

It’s a sad day here in the San Fernando Valley — our local Sanrio store is going out of business. Gone are the days of Kerokerokeroppi and 20 color pens within walking distance, and so when Delilah and I discovered the news … Continue reading

Tattoo Test Drive: Temp Tats for Grown-Ups

[me sporting Feather, by Jen Mussara] It’s weird, as a kid I thought I was being all responsible to my future self by not getting visible tattoos (I have three easy-to-cover tattoos, but nothing on my arms/back/chest/neck/etc.). Now, as an … Continue reading

Dee’s Sculptural Headband Holder

My friend Nick made this for her, and I’ve been meaning to show it to you guys forever. Because it’s freaking awesome. Not only did it solve our overflowing headband problem (headbands have been the only form of hair-restraint Dee … Continue reading

Pure Inspiration: Mica Hendricks & Her Four Year Old Make Beautiful Collaborations

Maybe you’ve seen this already. A few weeks ago it seems to have made quite the splash on the Internet, but I am just a little too wrapped up in my own mind at the moment to stay abreast of … Continue reading

“Take Your Pleasure Seriously”

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter. It’s a quote by the designer, painter, architect, and overall purveyor of pretty things; Charles Eames. It’s always cool to see what some of the world’s most creative minds have come up … Continue reading