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No Baby, YOU’RE a Firework.

Last year, my sister-in-law moved to a small resort town in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. There’s a lake and all the goodness that comes with it. For our second Independence Day in a row, we’ve made the trek … Continue reading

My Accidental Spring Break (ish)
Alternate Title: Where I’ve Been.

Every two weeks for the past three months, I’ve gone out of town. I’m tired. So tired. And inspired. So inspired. But my body is run down and my fibromyalgia is flaring up and it just feels like my head … Continue reading

Things Scott Says: Portrait of Lotte Edition

You may have already seen the latest installment of Franz Hoffmeester’s ongoing project “Portrait of Lotte” in which we can now watch his daughter Lotte age from birth to 14 in a beautifully crafted and what many are calling “heartbreaking” … Continue reading

Thank You, Tryptophan

^ It’s easy to be thankful for these two. I mean, honestly, c’mon. ^ Lately, I’ve had this increasing feeling of unsettley-ness. Not in a bad way, more in an exciting way. Just y’know…life is so full of possibility if … Continue reading

Do You Want To Freak Out? Moorea Seal Store: Like Crack For My Eyeballs

I think I’ve kind of acknowledged my girl-crush on my friend Moorea before. And I’m not one of these people that bandies about with the term girl-crush. I’m pretty sure that if you search my archives you’ll find it used … Continue reading