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Parachutes, Chicken Coops, + Steamy Hot Links

I can’t be the only person who thinks there isn’t enough time in the day to live every aspect of life required, right? Like, I can’t possibly live online and offline at the same time. Even when I know what … Continue reading

Say Hello To Sara. She’s A Nomad.

So remember yesterday when I said there would be some contributors joining up around these parts? Their posts will be peppered in with mine from time to time (you’ll hear from each of them every few weeks) in hopes of … Continue reading

Valley Artist Natalia Fabia’s Work Is Truly Truly Truly Outrageous

From time to time I meet people who read this blog and have no idea what The818 is. (Even more frequently I meet people who don’t read this blog and have no idea what The818 is, but I digress.) And then … Continue reading

Our Insta-Summer

It seems unbelievable that summer is already over and Dee’s school career has begun, but it’s true. The beauty of Instagram is that even when my Project 365 kicks the bucket (I swear I’m trying to come up with a … Continue reading

Try Something New: Calligraphy & Martinis [+ The Most Delicious Martini Recipe Ever]

Last week I hosted my first local event on behalf of this website. It’s something I’ve been toying around with in my mind for a while — sort of in an attempt to help coax some of you local lurkers … Continue reading