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Hip to Big Kid Stuff

A couple of months ago, Dee and I were at Super Target (where I now do so much of my grocery shopping because HOLY HELL is it well priced there) and passed by the newborn section.  She spotted a bear … Continue reading

Show me that smile again…

  It’s one of my clearest memories.  I’m three years old and I’m on gurney at Children’s Hospital downtown — there are no photographs of this moment, so I know the memory is all mine — so I’m three years … Continue reading

Summer Travels When You CAN’T Just Pick Up and Go.

It‘s kind of like a trunki for grownups.  I mean, even though I have a full set of luggage that Scott and I share for the wedding, there’s something about this case that SCREAMS Business Traveler. Either that or “I … Continue reading

Why can’t I get used to my life?

I pace a LOT these days. I thought that by the time Dee had hit 20 mos, I’d have this whole momming thing in the bag and be moving on to new knotches in my belt. But instead, I still … Continue reading

The Seavers Were Liars

  I grew up in a world, a certain faction of LA’s San Fernando Valley {AKA The818}, where there wasn’t a lot of raw truth being served up with the noodle kugel.   I’m not saying my friends and family are … Continue reading