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Like salmon swimming upstream. Or lemmings running for that nice rocky cliff.

Tiny Slice of Heaven

Today we stumbled across this little jewel in the Elysian Heights section of Echo Park.   This neighborhood is appealing to us for a number of reasons…1) It’s so freaking cute.   2) It’s in Dodger territory.  3)  It’s within walking distance from my hairdresser, who obviously needs to keep me under constant supervision. The pros and cons weigh out as follows:… Read more →

Eagle Rock You Like a Hurricane

Yesterday Scott and I discovered this sweet pad in Eagle Rock. Again, a neighborhood we had formerly ruled out (because, you know, not in the Valley) and are now finding all sorts of merit to but aren’t completely sold on. Still…Imagine this place all cleaned up and looking like an old Hollywood Mansion – painted not a disgusting color –… Read more →