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White Chocolate Swirl Salted Matzo with Coconut and Hopefully None of My Drool.

Passover is upon us yet again and Delilah and I wanted to make some springtime goodies for her teachers and the nice ladies in the preschool office. Dee and I have decadent palates, so here’s what we came up with… Kosher, crazy delicious and kind of shockingly addictive for a passover treat. The chocolate under all that delicious coconut is… Read more →

Hanukkah Is My Jam

It’s kind of sad to be a Jewish kid around the Holidays. Even in LA and NY where I’ve spent the bulk of my youth and it’s easy enough to feel like Jews are the majority instead of a mere 2% of the US population, the Christmas machine relegates Hanukkah to a marginalized afterthought faster than you can say Hava… Read more →