Valley Artist Natalia Fabia’s Work Is Truly Truly Truly Outrageous

From time to time I meet people who read this blog and have no idea what The818 is. (Even more frequently I meet people who don’t read this blog and have no idea what The818 is, but I digress.) And then other times I meet people who are like “No way, The818.com? How was that even available? I would totally buy… Read more →

Facial Tattoos & Permanent Make-Up: How They’re Different…And How They’re Not.

{Today’s make-up free morning face, featuring still-healing brows and cruelty-free mink lash extensions} Yesterday I decided that I had reached new levels of hard-coredity and was ready to move forward with my very first facial tattoo. That is to say, I decided to take my dearly beloved cosmetologist up on her offer of Permanent Make-up. We started with my eyebrows… Read more →