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This is a damn bra state of emergency.

For five years, seven months, one week and two days I worked from home. And you know what happened during that time? I completely effing forgot how bras work. Let’s start at the beginning: Bras suck. They’re awful. They’re legit the … Continue reading

Esteem Yourself.

A couple of months ago I started contributing regularly as a beauty writer on Babble. After a long long struggle to reclaim my style after letting it completely fall by the wayside in hopes of disappearing in to my postpartum depression, … Continue reading

Clothes I’m Not Buying But Want To

I’ve gained weight. Which totally sucks. I hate gaining weight. But I’ve got a useless lump of coal where my thyroid should be and I’m a workaholic with poor self-care so inevitably every few years I plump up and have … Continue reading

I Can Fly!

{Okay not really, and no, that isn’t a picture of my hair, but it’s a cool cut, isn’t it?} via As you may have noticed, I’m obsessed with my pixie cut. I mean…who knew that a haircut could make me feel … Continue reading

High Waisted Bikinis Renew My Faith In Humanity

Totum High Waist Bikini (set) ~ $140 via Tallow Rachel Comey Blue Medalion Bikini Bottom ~ $115 via Madewell Floating On Flowers Bikini Bottom ~ $68.99 via Mink Pink Tanala High Waisted Bikini (set) ~ $120 via Tallow 6 Shore … Continue reading